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Subfaction Characteristics:
  • Very mobile units & field vehicle production.
  • Emphasis on tesla-based weaponry.

Subfaction Features:

Subfaction Spotlight:

Russia is not only the de facto leader of the Soviet war machine, but the largest country in the world as well. The vast tundras and steppes of their homeland have forced the Russian armed forces to utilize both conventional tank paradrops and unconventional mobile production technology in order to ease the logistics and transport costs of their heavy armor.

When the Soviets conquered Serbia during the second Great War, they captured the famous inventor Nikola Tesla and had him create weaponized incarnations of his machines for them. This has lead to the wide proliferation of advanced Tesla weaponry among the ranks of the Russian army, instilling fear in all who dare oppose the Russian Bear.

Latin Confederation
Subfaction Characteristics:
  • Urban combat & guerilla tactics.
  • Emphasis on infantry support.

Subfaction Features:

Subfaction Spotlight:

The Latin Confederation is the South-American branch of the Soviet regime. The Confederation cannot reliably depend on material and military support from their Soviet allies as much as their peers so guerilla warfare and quick strikes are commonplace tactics.

Since the Confederation’s armory is primarily made up of outdated Soviet weaponry, the concept of capturing enemy vehicles and even enemy infantry in the field has been incorporated in Confederation tactics. The Latinos’ excellent infantry support and highly skilled sharpshooter, Morales greatly complement this strategy. Fast as a panther and just as deadly, the Latin Confederation is a deceptively powerful force on the battlefield.

Subfaction Characteristics:
  • Slow but extremely powerful and resistant units.
  • EMP weapons to support the "Great Wall of China".

Subfaction Features:

Subfaction Spotlight:

China is the newest addition to the Soviet forces, steamrolling their way onto the front lines with the heaviest tanks and unmatched firepower. Though their forces suffer from a dire lack of maneuverability and speed, the Chinese have not suffered as much from the Allied sanctions that were imposed on their Soviet brethren. Meaning that the development of potent nuclear weaponry has proceeded unabated and has become prevalent within the Chinese armor divisions.

The use of nuclear weaponry and large scale implementation of electromagnetic technology makes it difficult to directly assault a Chinese base or engage their forces head on. In combination with the iconic Centurion Siege Crawler and aided by the young, but genius scientist Yunru, all tremble beneath the might of the Chinese dragon.

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