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Mental Omega News Bulletin #19 (16/11/2015)
The Mental Omega Act One playthrough is over and it's finally time to post some news. While the recording of all 36 missions gave me a chance to once more test and adjust all the Act One missions, I'm glad it is done as now I can fully focus on finishing the Act Two campaign and the design of Side 4 which we announced a few months ago in this trailer.

Replaying the first 36 missions of Mental Omega which have been released back in 2013 made me reconsider some of the missions' difficulties and tone them down a bit, even on Mental, as you have perhaps noticed. I have also been driven by the thought that none of those missions should really clock over 1 hour of playtime except for the Finales, even on the Mental difficulty, so changes have been made to make them flow faster. I was also able to fix a bunch of bugs and continuity errors which I hope will no longer be the case in the next release.


The addition of this new side and all the new unique weapons and powers the mod will have is only possible thanks to the Ares Expansion DLL's existence and AlexB's continuous efforts to make Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge as moddable as possible. From the possibility to choose a new side in skirmish or campaign, to the additional interface visuals and audio settings, and of course all the weapon and superweapon logics which are all possible with Ares. Side 4 relies on the DLL in almost every way. It is thanks to all those features that Side 4 will have its unique gameplay mechanics and style.

It is thanks to a solid team of modders, mappers, artists and voice actors (I am obviously not the only one working on this project!) that Side 4 will have its distinct look, sound, and even their own missions for both single player and cooperative modes. A full list of contributors will be available on the usual page shortly before the release, but as we reveal the new buildings and units I will tell you more about their authors already. I'd also already like to mention World Beyond, whose music was used in the Side 4 reveal trailer and will be used in the game as well.
Here is the full version of the song used in the video, "The Remnant":

The introduction of a fourth side will obviously result in the increase of total subfactions available in the mod from 9 to 12 as we have been designing this new side with the intention to give it 3 unique subfactions from the beginning. If you are following Mental Omega on Facebook or ModDB then you already know their names: from left to right, it is Haihead, Wings of Coronia and the Last Bastion.


The skirmish loading screens for these subfactions have all been created by Nooze.

ls_haihead.jpg ls_coronia.jpg ls_lastb.jpg

Some of new side's missions are already being designed. Here's a loading screen for their first mission "Nobody Home". I guess that if I disclosed the amount of missions they will be getting to you right now, that would be some sort of a spoiler, so I will not be doing that right now.


The Mental Omega installer, with its classic "Red Alert 2 Setup.exe look" will be updated to feature several of Side 4's objects on the new so-called blueprints. So far, we've got three, which present the Teratorn, the Mastodon and the Plasmerizer. The models have been created by Moder.U, Lobstrex and Bu7loos, while the artwork is the result of combined efforts by Tomsons and Nooze.

f_teratorn_sm.jpg f_mastodon_sm.jpg f_plasmerizer_sm.jpg

On a side note, due to the introduction of this new side we are reworking the Stolen Tech system. There will not be a set of 4x4 stolen tech infantry units. Instead, there will be a set of 4x4 stolen tech vehicles, while what used to be the stolen tech in the current release will be repurposed or scrapped. We will go into more details on this matter later, however here's one of the new stolen tech vehicles, created by Azri_Apoc: the Soviet Grumble - the ultimate anti-aircraft system which requires to be deployed before firing its powerful rockets at great ranges.


Forget what you know about Future Tanks, Deviators, Apocalypses, Chrono Ivans, Cyborgs etc.
This is the stolen tech reboot

The new stolen technology roster! 15 units to go.

The original sides have also undergone some changes and received new equipment.


If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to
Right now we're in need of additional Voxel Artists, 3D Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
Single contributions are welcome. 


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Mental Omega Playthrough - Act One Finales!

It is done, the series of Mental Omega Act One playthroughs on Mental has come to an end and so we're halfway through our mod's story. The upload of last Yuri mission took a while but it required some modifications so that I could say that it's been improved for the next release. Only news and new content now, also on our channel to which you should totally subscribe right now if you want to receive notifications on the latest video updates.


Yuri's Epsilon Mission 12: Moonlight has undergone several changes, including the addition of Soviet MCV reinforcements which allow you to rebuild the factories. You no longer have to worry about losing the only factory you capture in the first Launchpad outpost, however this MCV arrives only after you successfully extract contents of the first station. The pacing of this mission has been improved, it takes less times for the Drillers to transport the neccessary parts away. You will now also be able to build the Iron Curtain in case you need it for something, it might be useful for protecting the captured Launchpads for a short period of time too.

Soviet Mission 12: Dragonstorm's most important change is.. a spoiler so either you'll have to play it for yourself or just watch the video above. There is a modification to how the mission works in the later stage after a certain reveal. There are more attacks on your base, however if you prepare your defenses properly you shouldn't have bigger issues dealing with enemy units. This Act One finale is most likely the easiest of the three.

Allied Mission 12: Sunlight did not receive too many changes. It is still a challenging finale, especially on the Mental difficulty which is full of surprises like a Nuke Silo threatening your Gladius Defense Systems or Dreadnoughts protected with the Iron Curtain. At certain point you will probably have to expand to the other side with resources and choosing the right time to attack the island might be the most important decision to make during this mission. This, and when to use the Force Shield you can prepare in this mission. As always, use more Thors. 

Check the website back on MOnday for the return of News Bulletins. Stay tuned!



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Mental Omega Playthrough - The Infamous 11th Missions
After a short but neccessary break we're now done with updating and recording the playthroughs of the infamous 11th missions of Mental Omega on Mental difficulty! We're going to put Yuri's 11th mission on front this time as it is the most modified, or rather, improved & fixed one. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive notifications on the latest playthrough uploads.


Yuri's Epsilon Mission 11: Singularity is definitely the most difficult Mental Omega mission and in my opinion probably the trickiest Command & Conquer mission available and I've played almost all of them (fan-made maps included of course). Coming from one of the best Red Alert 2 mission designers lovalmidas this mission requires really good micro skills but also great reflexes and is a mission unlike any other. The changes include fixes like removal of the 2nd debug Malver which we forgot to delete and also removal of the "cheap shortcut" to the Iron Curtain which allowed players to finish the mission much faster than indended. Now you really need to get rid of all the targets and also evacuate your troops into a newly created area.

I think Allied Mission 11: Panic Cycle is the easiest of "the 11s", however its first iterations were really difficult with Soviet Scud Launchers trying to take out the Battle Fortress you're supposed to escort on the move and large waves of enemy units coming straight at you during the base-vsbase phase. There've been some changes that you might notice in this playthrough, including China's use of EMP against your convoy for example.

On the other hand, while this might be the 2nd most difficult Mental Omega mission, Soviet Mission 11: Unshakeable has been made easier on all difficulties and its bugs have been fixed as well in the process. The Future Tanks will no longer fire at each other when you attempt to capture them and modifications to the array of capturable buildings in this mission will force you to use Chinese equipment instead of Russian or Pacific Front's. You still need to rush quite fast through enemy forces and reach your objective before it gets blown up and you fail the mission.

Once we're done with Act One and the 12th missions are updated, recorded & uploaded we'll begin revealing new content related to the still mysterious Side 4 and the Act Two campaign. Stay tuned!



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Additional voice actors needed!
It's that time of Mental Omega development again! With the addition of an entire new side comes quite a lot of new units, which will require new voiceovers. While we've prepared some already, we're looking for more volunteers who'd like to become a unit in our mod. If you're interested, please send a voice demo to our e-mail address and if it's good, we'll reply and provide you with the script.


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Mental Omega Playthrough - Allied 10, Soviet 10, Yuri 10

Short break in a form of light mission "The Gardener" and it's only tough missions from there - the Developer Playthrough for Mental Omega Act One missions on Mental is close to finish.


Changes done to Allied Mission 10: The Gardener include making the intro much shorter, revealing the location of temples where the Kanegawa Industries Scientists hide, changes in placement of enemy objects, crates and Cranes which you can use to repair your Tsurugi. Still quite a casual walk in the Japanese gardens once you know the path. Be careful for the EMP Mines on Mental though.

And it begins - the really difficult final set of missions, starting with Soviet Mission 10: The Lunatic. It should be no surprise to anyone by now that if you want to finish this mission on Mental you need to move your Volkov & Chitzkoi without hesitation, otherwise the unmanned Kirov will be destroyed by the first anti-aircraft defense which includes the Chinese Sentinel. Since Volkov is now immune to Terror Drones, those have been replaced with different enemy units.

Yuri's Epsilon Mission 10: Focus Shift is all about protecting the last operational MIDAS bombs onboard the Topol-M platforms. Not many changes in this one, there were some tweaks to make it more accessible to more casual players, but it's still a challenge on Mental. Better work fast if you want the Russians to regain their trust in Yuri and his PsiCorps.
Subscribe to out channel if you want to be notified about the new Playthrough uploads. Two batches left!




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Mental Omega Playthrough - The 8s & The 9s

These missions were quick'n'nice so we're heading towards the end quite fast. The two remaining '8th missions' and all of the '9th missions' have been tested, recorded and uploaded as a part of my Developer Playthrough for Mental Omega missions on Mental. With Act One 3/4 done, three batches are left: the 10th, 11th and 12th missions and oh boy, I can't wait do to the elevens. As you probably already know - the elevens are the most difficult missions of Act One. Perhaps we should somehow make the 22nd missions the most difficult ones of Act Two?

In any case, here's what's been changed in these missions..


Considering the story structure of Soviet Act One, I consider Soviet Mission 08: Death From Above to be their final base-vs-base battle against the Allied forces. It is a reverse-remake of the Red Alert 2 mission "Deep Sea" and unlike the original, you can't end it in 2 minutes by destroying a Sentry Gun. Quite the contrary - it is a tough defensive mission first and then a struggle to reach and destroy the Mercury Uplink which the Soviets see as a threat to their dominion in the United States. Some changes have been done, including the replacement of Wolfhounds with Vultures and few little edits to make things a bit easier and faster. It is still a very difficult mission, especially on Mental.

Yuri's Epsilon Mission 08: Warranty Void is where Yuri's trickery in China continues. The plot thickens as his grand scheme is taking shape and showing the first results. There haven't been many changes done to this mission, it is still quite easy and quick if you know what to do or how to micro-manage your units properly. Once you defend the bridge, all you need to do is.. be careful. 

Allied Mission 09: Zero Signal requires you to act quick. The Soviets will use their forces to destroy the Radar Domes you need but they are also preparing a Tactical Nuke to do so. If the Nuke is launched, one of the domes WILL be destroyed and you are guaranteed to lose the mission, which is why you need to take care of it or at least delay the launch before it happens. Siegfried debuts in this mission and I'm sure you'll agree he makes this mission a lot easier. There are several paths to your objective in this one, I've only picked one of them of course.

The desperate Euro Alliance forces are trying to use their unstable Chronosphere to take out your MIDAS bombs in Soviet Mission 09: Road to Nowhere. It is indeed a road to nowhere for them, as all men sent into the center of Russia are definitely aware they will not return home, even if they succeed. Of course they don't, because you as the player are defending the Topol-M platforms. Don't be surprised by the Aircraft Carriers chronoshifted into the land as the Chronosphere is not fully operational yet - make use of its weakness and capture the Aircraft Carriers with your mind control.

Rashidi has completed work on an MCV for Yuri, however during a Soviet raid on the Scorpion Cell base where he was working he's been captured and transported away to the Guantanamo Bay. It is your task in Yuri's Epsilon Mission 09: Killing Fields to rescue him using the first squad of Initiates created. The long intro in this mission has been shortened as you can see in the playthrough video, making any "restarts" you'll need to make faster. Tesla Trooper reinforcements will be provided on all difficulties now so that you don't have to make the Initiates elite and kite the Pillboxes in your way.

The batch with "The Gardener", "The Lunatic" and "Focus Shift" is coming up in a few days. After I'm done with the playthrough of Act One it's time to move on to the new stuff with previews of the 13th missions - "The Mermaid", "The Raven" and "The Conqueror" included and of course, the reveal of Side 4 name and units. Stay tuned!

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