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United States of America
Subfaction Characteristics:
  • Fast units & rapid deployment.
  • Precision strikes & accurate weapons.

Subfaction Features:

Subfaction Info:

The United States wields potent laser technology with which to vanquish their foes, culminating in their ultimate weapon: a satellite network known as the ‘Mercury’ which can fire devastating laser blasts anywhere on Earth. Their use of such mighty precision weaponry has bled through into their entire war doctrine, making use of quick strikes with their blindingly fast aircraft, well trained Riot Troopers, advanced laser wielding tanks and their finest field operative: Special Agent Tanya Adams.

With the invasion of the Soviets, it has become critical for the Americans to be able to rapidly deploy their forces in any location. The deployment of troops and combat vehicles via paradrops is an often used tactic in order to quickly reinforce a region or surprise an unsuspecting enemy.

European Alliance
Subfaction Characteristics:
  • Emphasis on defensive tactics & units.
  • Powerful advanced weaponry.

Subfaction Features:

Subfaction Info:

The Euro Alliance relies heavily on high-tech weaponry provided to them by SteinsTech; a research group led by the late Albert Einstein’s protégé, Siegfried. SteinsTech have devoted themselves to the further development of technology invented by Einstein for military applications. This means exotic weaponry such as chrono, weather controlling, prism, and mirage tech features heavily within the Alliance’s arsenal.

Due to the previous assault upon Europe by the Russians, the Alliance has always been wary for another attack, fearing retaliation from the Soviets once the Americans had ceased their occupation of Russia. This resulted in the focus on primarily defensive and supportive technology within European armies, designed to remove threats quickly and efficiently, while maintaining base operations without disruptions.

Pacific Front
Subfaction Characteristics:
  • Varierty of multi-functional & support units.
  • Long range weapons & heavy artillery.

Subfaction Features:

Subfaction Info:

The Pacific Front is the most recent member of the Allied forces, quickly joining when the threat of communist China began to loom on the horizon. Due to the need to quickly mobilize as many forces as possible in preparation for the war, the Pacific Front arsenal is partially comprised of former civilian or law enforcement machines converted into military weapons.

Combining long range assault and cryogenic technology, the Pacific Front offers a lot of versatility to their allies. Their hero Norio, donning the mighty ‘Garuda’ power armor, and their Black Eagle fighter jets once again assert the absolute dominance of the Allied forces over the skies.

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