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Subfaction Characteristics:
  • Emphasis on mind control tech.
  • All-terrain & amphibious assaults.

Subfaction Features:

Subfaction Info:

PsiCorps is the first wing of the Epsilon army, founded and lead by Yuri himself during his days in Russia. Under his guidance, PsiCorps have remained pioneers in the psychic tech. This allows PsiCorps to turn the tables on opponents who vastly outgun or outnumber them, despite the generally poor armor of its forces.

The forces of PsiCorps utilize anti-gravity propulsion for several of their units in order to further increase their mobility and maneuverability. The gravity manipulation has also been weaponized in the form of their Magnetrons and Magnetic Beams. The use of these bizarre forces, along with the presence of Yuri’s cherished progeny and hero, Libra, makes the PsiCorps one of the biggest threats to the free world.

Scorpion Cell
Subfaction Characteristics:
  • Numerical superiority & hit'n'run.
  • Advanced chemical weapons arsenal.

Subfaction Features:

Subfaction Info:

The Scorpion Cell is the African and Middle-Eastern division of Epsilon, led by the charismatic Rashidi and his right hand man, Africa’s greatest assassin, Malver. Due to their history as a terrorist group, the Cell relies on scavenged weapons and vehicles cleverly cobbled together from scrap. The inhumane weaponry such as aggressive toxins and chemicals strips both the morale and exposed flesh off their enemies alike.

The poor armor, yet low production costs and high speed of their vehicles means the Scorpion Cell relies on overwhelming their enemies with sheer numbers. In addition, a selection of their weapons such as Tyrants, Bloatick Traps or Hijackers in disguise is used to set effective traps against their opponents. These characteristics make the Cell a ruthless opponent, prepared to go under the belt when necessary.

Epsilon Headquarters
Subfaction Characteristics:
  • Emphasis on genetic-based weaponry.
  • Territory control & stealth ambushes.

Subfaction Features:

Subfaction Info:

The Epsilon Headquarters is the defense force of Yuri's forces' central hub of operations on the Antarctic continent. As this Epsilon division is dedicated wholly to the protection of Yuri’s ultimate weapon, they work to push the boundaries of their advanced technologies further than most would dare think of.

Thanks to the extensive research into genetic manipulation, Headquarters' infantry ranks are filled with mutant super soldiers strengthened with a myriad of enhancements, culminating in the perfect killing machine, Rahn. The Epsilon Headquarters is also the manufacturer of dangerous stealth weapons as well as the imposing Aerial Fortress Irkalla, assuring the complete inaccessibility of their frozen stronghold.

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