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1982. Hungering for revenge, the Soviets launch a full-scale invasion against the United States of America. The Allied primary defense network is shut down under mysterious circumstances and the only thing between the Soviets and America is a tiny little ocean. The third Great World War begins, where the strings are pulled by a single man - a remnant of Stalin's psychic legacy.

The Allied Perspective
Player: An Allied Commander

"After the Soviets’ defeat at our hands during the Second Great War and the death of Stalin, we have occupied Russia and appointed a puppet premier, Alexander Romanov, in order to preserve stability and gain popularity within the country. Several years ago, with the appointment of Romanov’s new Chief Adviser, a man known only as Yuri, our relationships with the Russian deteriorated. Shortly afterwards, the public opinion began to change and we were pressured to slowly retract forces from Russia. Our intelligence network in Asia has been compromised as contact with our agents was lost.

Today, our worst fears have been confirmed: our attempts to control the Russian bear have failed miserably. The Soviets have risen against us and their forces are approaching the United States from all sides. Our Peacekeeper missile network has failed due to causes unknown. The Russians are attempting to cross over the Potomac and strike at the Pentagon in order to cripple our military leadership. We cannot allow this to happen. Marshal your forces, defend the capital, and prepare for war, Commander."

The Soviet Perspective
Player: A Soviet General

"Greetings Comrade, the war we have waited for so long is finally happening! The World Revolution is upon us, and by the end, we will all be comrades and proletariats, united in worldwide brotherhood! We have taken a gamble and sent most of our forces to sea for America - they will strike from both East and West. Our Comrades in Latin America will come in from the south, as well as facilitate our grip when we land and take control. Your recent successes in Academy have landed you an honor and a test - you are to be among the commanders of the first strike on America, the landing on New York City. While the task at hand is not the highest one, it is of extreme importance. Your first task is to obliterate American morale, and to decapitate their hypocritical Statue of Liberty - we will eventually build a true monument there.

With that done, due to the fact that the Statue is near the next objectives, it has fallen onto you to lay the groundwork for much of our offensive forces a ways behind, so that they can pass unimpeded into the City and fan out. American outposts guard the bridges into the city, and they need to be taken out. If the Americans blow the bridges, it is on you to repair them, and secure the other side. When our forces start streaming in, join the battle at hand and take out the American forces. This is admittedly a difficult task, but there is little doubt among the Politburo that you can do it. As a sign of this, you will have command of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Boris, when he lands in the city."

The Epsilon Perspective
Player: A PsiCorps Proselyte

"Proselyte, welcome to the future. Yuri has plans for you and all his followers in PsiCorps, and we shall help make the world into something grand. An operation of utmost urgency must be conducted - Russian Premier Romanov has decided to start the war, and when he makes this known to President Dugan, the Americans will no doubt launch Peacekeeper ICBMs at Soviet Russia. We promised the Premier a path to victory, and we shall follow through.

The rockets are being fuelled at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. We activated a few of our agents there, and they are all you have to work with at the moment. Time is everything, as once those missiles launch, it will be over before it's even begun. But you have a secret power that Yuri has gifted us - the power to shape thoughts, and thus shape the currents of the future. Use them to make your way to the Base, and hit a few key points. With this, they will be defenseless."

The Foehn Perspective
Player: The Revolt's AI, VOLKNET

"VOLKNET back online; Our transfer has concluded. Decimation of the old mainframe has been successful. Approximate number of casualties is unknown; intel not collected. The enemy task forces are destroyed, however, more are now being deployed. Their mind-reading instruments are likely still in active use. The PRC Leadership seems to have realized there is an insurgency in their ranks, as many of their commanders sided with Us, forming the Revolt’s Council. Presence of new tech among Our troops will be suspicious and deemed as treason; they will shoot without warning.

The Chinese have been hell-bent on challenging Russia for too long, pushing towards a creation of their own highly advanced army through national research facilities, the captured sites and stolen technology. As a result of their refusal to form an alliance against the enemy, Our Architect’s life was in direct danger and they failed to protect her. We had to act on Our own, and convinced those who joined Us to trust Our plan. There's only one goal now: put a stop to Yuri, the deceptive leader of the Epsilon, the shadowy army behind all disaster that took place in recent years. We have recognized him as the biggest threat to all mankind, who will doom the world all if left unchecked. Our Architect's life has been put at risk as a result of her actions, and now it is on Us to guide her to safety. We are incomplete. Her survival is still mandatory for Our evolution and the growth of this Revolt."

All campaigns of Mental Omega tell one story from different perspectives.
Years in the making, it is a story of Yuri's almost perfect revenge.

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