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"No rest for the wicked, Commander!"

Mental Omega is a non-profit Command & Conquer project by the fans, for the fans. With ambitious plans to revamp and build upon the Westwood's classic Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge, we'd like to invite you to join our project. As there are still things we want to do with it, perhaps you might want to help us make this modification even bigger and better. Even the single contributions count.

If you would like to volunteer, please send an e-mail to

Who we are looking for:

  • Mission Designers
    Mental Omega campaign is now 97 new missions for singleplayer and 36 for multiplayer cooperative. To increase the scope of the project even further, we are actively looking for additional mappers. Currently we are prioritizing finding new mission scripters over layout designers, as we have a sizeable collection of maps ready to be adapted for missions. Being capable of preparing advanced map scripts to match the designs of the already developed maps is a necessity, and we especially encourage you to get in touch if you have created fan missions for Mental Omega in the past.

  • Infantry Artists
    The rarest in the community - the artists capable of modelling and animating troops that fit with the original game's aesthetics, with proportions slightly bulkier than you'd expect from a normal human. We would like to add some new and remake a few of the old ones. If you can help, give us a call.

  • Building Artists
    Models and animations for new buildings in 3D, rendered with proper camera and lighting settings into sets of isometric frames - that's how members of our team have done it in the past and that's what we might need in the future. See the new structures we have added already, especially the ones for the Foehn Revolt. If you can do things like that and would like to help out, you're in.

  • Terrain Artists
    Recently in the project there's been more focus on expanding the collection of terrain tiles for all theaters available in the game. We would like to continue this trend and create even more new terrain tiles to improve the map and mission design and level of detail in Mental Omega. If you are skilled with isometric tile-based terrain design, we are definitely looking for you.

  • Voxel Artists
    More tanks! Ships! Planes! We are always on the lookout for new voxel artists who are familiar with what has informally became known as the "Azri style" of voxelling. If you know how the voxels in Mental Omega have been designed and would like to contribute with your own, contact us asap.

  • Voice Actors
    New units and missions require new voice-overs. While right now almost every unit has its own unique voice, new ones might be in need of one in the future. Once in a while we'd like to throw in a line or two into the missions as well. If you can do it with decent results and you have relatively good equipment, don't hesitate to message us and send a demo recording so we can review your work.

  • Music Composers
    While the main soundtrack for all four sides is complete, we'd like to add more music for in-game characters and moments to improve the campaign experience. There are various plans for these, but due to the voluntary nature of the project, we will be grateful for any sort of contributions here.

  • Software Developers
    Mental Omega utilizes community engine extensions and clients that offer additional features and fixes for the game engine used in Yuri's Revenge. If you have an interest in contributing by introducing new features, conducting research, and optimizing existing elements, we welcome your participation. Proficiency in assembly language and C++, along with a solid understanding of computer architecture, memory structure, OOP, and compiler theory, will be a necessity.
If you would like to contribute through any other means, contact us via the e-mail above as well.

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