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To answer the inevitable question: yes, you can play Mental Omega 3.3 online for free with your friends and other players. To answer the follow-up question of "how?", we've added this little information page.

There are three ways to play the mod online: via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), Local Area Network (LAN) or by using CnCNet. We recommend using the last option for online play, as the client has been specifically designed and created to allow you to play using the latest version of the CnCNet service. It must be noted that you can only play online with people who have the same patch for Mental Omega 3.3 installed as you do. To make sure you have the latest version, check for updates with the client or visit the Download page.

Online you can play not a wide range of PvP and PvE game modes, but also our extensive Co-Op campaign. Mental Omega comes with 36 unique story-driven missions designed exclusively for playing with a friend.

If you are looking for players to play with, we suggest joining our Discord's #battle_tower channel.
You can also always check the C&C Community charts to see the hours with the highest activity.

To join the other players on CnCNet, click the Multiplayer button in the main menu, log in with a nickname of your choice and host or join a game. No registration of an account is required to play.

It's that simple. We'll see you on the battlefield!

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