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Before you ask any questions or report an issue, read this page first as the answer might be here.
  • MO3.3 is free.
  • MO3.3 is not standalone.
  • MO3.3 is not an official expansion.
  • MO3.3 can be played in multiplayer for free.
  • MO3.3 is not a patch for previous versions of the mod.
  • MO3.3 does not require previous versions of the mod to work.
  • MO3.3 works with The First Decade version of Yuri's Revenge.
  • MO3.3 works with The Ultimate Collection version of Yuri's Revenge.
  • MO3.3 works with any version of Yuri's Revenge. As long as it's 1.001.
  • MO3.3 does not use RockPatch, NPatch or NPSE. It uses Ares DLL.
  • MO3.3 archive includes Ares DLL, don't download it separately.
  • MO3.3 archive doesn't include the soundtrack, download it separately.
  • MO3.3 has no Police Vans and it was your fault if AI kept spamming them.
  • MO1.0, MO2.0 and MO3.0 are no longer supported and will not be patched again.

If you think you encountered a bug..
Please check if it's already listed in Mental Omega 3.3 BUGTRACKER. If not, report it in this Megathread.

If you failed to install, launch or update the mod..
Report all your problems in this Megathread.

If you encountered a Client Error, Fatal Error, the game crashed to desktop or froze..
Report all your problems in this Megathread.

If you encountered a Reconnection Error (Desync)..
Report all your problems in this Megathread.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I save or load my game sessions in Mental Omega 3.3?
A: Yes! As long as you have patched the mod to version 3.3.3 or newer.

Q: Do I have to remove Mental Omega 3.3 to play Red Alert 2 or Yuri's Revenge again?
A: Only if you extracted Mental Omega 3.3 to your Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge directory AND you play Yuri's Revenge on CnCNet, however the install instructions did mention you shouldn't extract the mod there if you do. Otherwise, Mental Omega 3.3 does not affect the original games in any way. It works like an expansion to Yuri's Revenge, so you can keep all three in the same directory.

However, we do not suggest adding additional modifications that were not created as a part of Mental Omega 3.3 to that directory. As suggested earlier, it might be a good idea to copy your Yuri's Revenge directory and put Mental Omega 3.3 files in it if you want to play other modifications for the game without compability issues.

Q: How do I uninstall Mental Omega 3.3 anyway?
A: Remove all files and folders that you have previously extracted from the archive.
You can use this list of files for reference.

Q: Are Mental Omega 3.3 system requirements the same as Yuri's Revenge ones?
A: In theory yes, but the client that we're using might require additional files, depending on your operating system and Service Pack version that you have installed.

In practice, we suggest that you use a better machine than one that barely meets minimum system requirements of the original game. Mental Omega 3.3 uses more resources than the original and it might get laggy at times on weaker machines. Playing with the 'Mental AI' option enabled against 7 Mental AI players might be quite a challenge for those computers.

Q: I do not see unit "X" from version 1.0 or 2.0 in Mental Omega 3.3. Is it a bug?
A: Mental Omega 3.3 is technically a completely new modification with shout-outs to the previous releases. The most up-to-date unit lists are available in the Factions section.

Q: Can I play Mental Omega 3.3 in resolutions higher than Red Alert 2 allowed?
A: Yes, higher resolutions are available by default in the game now.

Q: Which multiplayer services are available for Mental Omega 3.3?
A: We recommend that you use the in-built CnCNet. Read this for more information.

Q: How can I reset my Statistics in the Mental Omega client?
A: Delete the file named dscore.dat from */Client subfolder and restart the client.

Q: How does capturing of buildings with Engineers change in Mental Omega 3.3?
A: 1 Engineer can capture any Tech Building, Tech Vehicle or Empty Vehicle in all modes.
1 Engineer can capture an enemy structure when it's at 34% (red) health in skirmish.
2 Engineers are required to capture an enemy structure with 66% (yellow) health in skirmish.
3 Engineers are required to capture an enemy structure with 100% (green) health in skirmish.
In singleplayer campaign and cooperative only 1 Engineer is required to capture anything.

Q: I can't build around captured tech buildings. Is it a bug?
A: Tech Base Expansion Post is the only tech building that provides you with ground for base building.

Q: 'Comodo Internet Security' prevents Syringe/Ares/Mental Omega from starting.
A: You have to make the following changes to Comodo's settings:
  • gamemd.exe and Syringe.exe need to be in the "Trusted Files" list.
  • Under "Computer Security Policy" -> "Defense + Rules",
    gamemd.exe and Syringe.exe need to be marked as "Installer or Updater".
  • "Defense + Settings" -> "Execution Control Settings" -> check "Detect shellcode injections"
  • Under "Defense + Settings" -> "Execution Control Settings" -> "exclusions"
    add Syringe.exe, Ares.dll, Ares.dll.inj and gamemd.exe.
Q: 'ZoneAlarm' prevents Syringe/Ares/Mental Omega from starting.
A: Add gamemd.exe and Syringe.exe to the exceptions list of 'ZoneAlarm'. If this does not help, try to stop the service called 'ZoneAlarm ForceField Service' (ISWSVC.exe), however this is not recommended and you should re-enable the service as quickly as possible.

Q: I like unit "Y" from Mental Omega 3.3. Can I ask for its artwork and use it in my mod?
A: No.

Q: Can I release modifications I made to Mental Omega 3.3 to the public?
A: No.

Q: Can I release language packs I made for Mental Omega 3.3 to the public?
A: Yes. Contact Speeder if you want to talk about putting them on our website.

Q: Is FinalAlert 2 map editor compatible with Mental Omega 3.3?
A: Not yet.

Q: Will custom skirmish maps made with FinalAlert 2 work with Mental Omega 3.3?
A: Yes, as long as they do not have Triggers with Owner different than '<none>', 'Neutral' or 'Special'. For example, if there are Triggers in the map which have an Owner 'Americans', the game will crash as soon as that Trigger happens. This happens because Mental Omega 3.3 does not use original Houses. If there's a fan-made map you'd like to see included, write about it on our forums and we'll review it.

Q: Can I use Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge or older Mental Omega soundtracks with version 3.3?
A: No. Read more about optional Mental Omega 3.3 soundtrack here.

Q: How do I enable the Mental Omega 3.3 soundtrack?
A: Extract 'thememo.mix' file that you have downloaded to the directory where you installed Mental Omega 3.3. This file will require manual deletion after uninstalling Mental Omega 3.3.

Q: How can I contribute to further Mental Omega development?
A: Please read the Recruitment section. You might also want to contribute to Ares Expansion DLL.

We'll answer all future frequent questions here. For further help, please visit Mental Omega forums.

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