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Mental Omega is a free unofficial expansion pack for Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge.
It started off as a balance modification created by Speeder and Mevitar and was first released in 2005. After a few years, it had grown into an unofficial sequel with new campaigns for the Allies, Soviets and Yuri. Now, version 3.3 marks the end of the long road and is the final iteration of the Mental Omega mod series.

Enhanced with the powerful Ares Expansion DLL, Mental Omega 3.3 introduces an entirely new faction to the play: the technologically advanced Foehn Revolt, as well as continues to bring new features to Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge, while maintaining a strong sense of gameplay balance. #ControlMOre


The 4th Side

Among the many consequences of the events that took place during Act One of the Mental Omega story campaign is Yuri's rise to power. However, his increasing strength alerted some, who were forced to form an unexpected alliance and make difficult decisions. The actions of those people will result in the creation of a highly advanced army called the Foehn Revolt, who will oppose Yuri's growing dominion of madness.

An alliance of people from many nations driven by a single cause - this new faction is an important part of the Mental Omega project and comes with its own full set of three subfactions: each of them with their preferred technologies, tactics and weapons, as well as unique heroes and special units - all designed with an approach similar to that utilized previously during the development of the mod's original nine subfactions.

However, because of its place in this story, the Foehn Revolt relies on technologies and tactics not seen before during the third Great World War, many of which were possible to implement thanks to the new features introduced by the Ares Expansion DLL for Yuri's Revenge. Head to the Factions section for more details.

New Subfactions

Each of sides, the Allies, the Soviets, Yuri's Epsilon and Foehn, is split into three subfactions with their own unique set of new weapons and heroes to support them. Head to the Factions section for more details.

New Campaigns

Mental Omega 3.3 continues where the first Red Alert left off and branches out into an expanded universe with over 100 missions for all factions, including Yuri and the Foehn Revolt. The campaign is split into two Acts focused around two different stages of the war: the Soviet invasion of the United States, and the war against Yuri's forces. Read more about the many missions of Mental Omega in the Campaign section.

New Cooperative Mode

New singleplayer missions is not all there is to this story. With Mental Omega 3.3 comes a set of new online cooperative missions for 2 players. These special 36 missions for the original factions heavily expand the details of the game's main storyline. The Campaign section includes info on these cooperative maps as well.

New Challenge Mode

A brand new challenge mode will put you, and possibly your ally, in one of the many unusual scenarios, where the enemy team receives a set of unique boosts and bonuses, giving them a significant advantage in battle. The 22 challenges might turn out to be even more difficult than the missions, so better prepare yourself.

New Skirmish Maps & Modes

The classic skirmish is not forgotten. With a mega map pack like no other, containing over 600 new maps ranging from 2 to 8 players, and a variety of new game modes like King of the Hill, Oil Control or Fortress, there's still a lot to do in Mental Omega after you are done with the campaigns, the co-op and the challenges.

New Soundtrack

Thanks to several talented musicians, a new faction-specific soundtrack has been compiled to accompany Mental Omega 3.3. Head to the Soundtrack section to read more about the mod's selection of music and for a direct download. There are currently two soundtrack packages available: standard and campaign-only music.

Improved Audio & Visuals

Every in-game unit has new, high quality artwork. Each new unit has its unique voiceover. Updates have been made to enhance the aesthetics of the game. It can now be played in high resolutions by default, making the game compatible with 16:9 options on HD monitors. It will also work on newer operating systems including Windows 8 and Windows 10, thanks to the Ares Expansion DLL and custom renderers.

Free Multiplayer via CnCNet

Mental Omega is supported by CnCNet, which allows you to play the mod online without having to register an account. Version 3.3 of the mod is entirely based on a new CnCNet5-compatible client, which improves the multiplayer performance even further and adds many more gameplay customization options.

Continuous Support

Thanks to the new updater system we intend to release updates for Mental Omega 3.3 with bugfixes and even more new content. With several patches already behind us, we look forward to feedback and bug reports from the players as we continue to enhance the mod further, by developing new units, maps and missions. As the mod's focus is balanced gameplay, we continue to listen to our players' suggestions and adjust that as well.

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